We have great partnerships with many organizations in various sectors. And here are our members.

The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia
Bappenas RI
South Sulawesi Province
Provinsi Sulawesi Tengah
Provinsi Sulawesi Tenggara
IPB University
Hasanuddin University
Cocoa Forum of Aceh
Cocoa Forum of Kolaka
Cocoa Forum of West Sumatera
Cocoa Communication Forum of Central Sulawesi
Cocoa Community Forum of Luwu Raya
Yayasan Inisiatif Dagang Hijau
Kalimajari Foundation
Keling Kumang Group
Rainforest Alliance
Save the Children
Barry Callebaut
ECOM Cocoa
Mars Incorporated
Mondelēz International
Olam Cocoa
PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur
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CSP membership consist of paid members and honorary members.
Honorary members are organization which not required to paid membership fee but their knowledge, experience, and institutional capacity are significantly needed to enhance cocoa sustainability and CSP function.
Paid members are defined as organizations listed in CSP, which signed the CSP Membership Agreement and pays the respective annual membership fees. Type of membership is determined by the amount of the membership fees that a member pays. Acceptance and dismissal of a member are on the hands of the General Assembly (GA) as the highest entity in CSP structure.
CSP welcomes any cocoa value chain stakeholders to participate in CSP activities and programs. In order to become CSP members, there are several criteria that an organization should fulfill and agree to, but the main criteria is that the organization should have cocoa sustainability activities with clear and measureable objectives.
Acceptance and dismissal of members will be decided by the General Assembly in a General Assembly meeting.

Rights of a Member:
  • All members are part of the General Assembly.
  • Have access to data, publications, communication materials, etc. that produced and collected by CSP as well as other facilities and support provided by CSP.
  • Have access to CSP meetings and workshops.
  • Have the right to vote and to be voted.
  • Have the rights to express opinions and to appeal to forum's decisions, voice complaints, and recommend changes.
  • Have the rights to be treated in equality, with respect and privacy.

Obligations of a Member:
  • Assign main representative and up to two alternates to attend General Assembly Meetings.
  • Assign representative to task forces, or working group, based on topics and issues. And at least one active participants in at least one task force, or working group.
  • Commitment to Vision and Mission of CSP.
  • Sign Membership Agreement which stated the followings: (2). Must have credible sustainability program/activities with clear objective, targets and strong monitoring and evaluation to measure impact; and (2). Willingness to share information and learning on area of activities (district level), type/aim of activities, target and achieved number of farmers trained/certified, productivity baseline, achievements, targets, and any other information required by CSP.
  • No member may individually represent the CSP at another forum or make comments on behalf of the CSP to the Media or other parties without authorization of the General Assembly, except the Executive Director.
  • Pay membership fee.
  • New members must be accepted by a majority of members of the General Assembly.