CSP Distributes Thousands of Covid-19 Responses Support Packages to Cocoa Farmer in Pinrang and Luwu

CSP Distributes Thousands of Covid-19 Responses Support Packages to Cocoa Farmer in Pinrang and Luwu

Belopa, August 05, 2020—Since the beginning of this year, the Covid-19 outbreak had been spread to most of regions in the world. Indonesia as well had experienced the direct impacts. From the data of national government, there are 116,871 persons had been confirmed positive, and 73,889 persons had been recovered. In South Sulawesi Province, there are approximately 9,858 positively impacted persons, and 6,662 of them had been recovered.


Aside of health issue which is caused by a new virus of coronavirus, a group of viruses that infects respiration system, the Covid-19 pandemic also affects the global economic. The policy of large-scale restriction at most of regions had negatively impacted the global economic development. And the farmers as the heart of economic development also experience the impact of this pandemic disease.


As responses of this issue, Cocoa Sustainability Partnership with its members are working hand-in-hand to provide supports for cocoa farmers in the cocoa production centres in Indonesia. The supports are expected to encourage the spirits to keep working in producing and taking care their cocoa commodity. With the supports of its members, CSP distributes thousand packages of hand washing soaps, facemasks, t-shirts, and biscuit products in two districts of South Sulawesi Province.


Following the health and safety procedures, the responses aid packages are handed symbolically to the cocoa farmers. With the Regent of Luwu District, H. Basmin Mattayang and staffs, CSP distributes these Covid-19 response aid to some of farmer group representatives in this area. “This response aid is the form of good synergy among government and private parties in providing supports to the cocoa farmers in the impacted area. The aid will be distributed directly to the farmers that had been facilitated before,” said Regent of Luwu District in his speech on Wednesday, August 05, 2020, in Meeting Room of Bappeda, Luwu.


The package is consisted of 1,050 t-shirts, 2,500 fabric facemasks, and 50 boxes of biscuit will be distributed to the cocoa farmers who had been facilitated through Cocoa Life Program of Mondelēz International in Luwu District. Furthermore, the Indonesian Cocoa Association, Mars, PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, and Cargill, also donate 700 liquid hand washing soap, and 700 bar soap during the ceremony. “This Covid-19 response aid is coordinated by CSP through its members in order to be distributed directly to the cocoa farmers in two districts in South Sulawesi Province. And it is a form of supports from all sustainable cocoa sector stakeholders in Indonesia for the cocoa farmers who are affected by Covid-19 pandemics. Moreover, CSP also provides other contributions as allocation of Subsidized NPK Specific Formula Fertilizer that had been distributed this year,” Wahyu Wibowo, Executive Director of CSP said.