Cocoa Specific Fertilizer Assists Farmer Increase Plant Productivity

Cocoa Specific Fertilizer Assists Farmer Increase Plant Productivity

Jakarta, March 2, 2022 – Fertilizer need becomes important factor to help plant growth, so farmers can produce a lot of yields. Decent access to fertilizer for the farmers be one of primary keys to help farmers success to produce high quality plantation.

The Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs evaluated that cocoa as one of strategic sectors. So cocoa specific fertilizer will help farmers to produce high quality cocoa commodity.

Therefore, Cocoa Sustainability Partnership together with stakeholders had a discussion to strive for availability of cocoa specific fertilizer. The purpose of this effort is to give farmers convenience to get cocoa specific fertilizer in several district appropriate with Maximum Retail Price (MRP).

The members of CSP said awareness of using cocoa specific fertilizer from cocoa farmers very good and must be preserved. But now the problem which faced by farmer was reduced quota of fertilizer distributed.

Moreover, the problem which farmers meet was the discrepancy of prize which had been set in government regulation. The farmers hoped the price can equal with MRP which had been agreed and made farmer easier to buy cocoa specific fertilizer.

In order to make good sustainability cocoa planation sector, CSP role with members and stakeholders was significant. So cocoa sector can be profitable commodity for farmer. (CSP/AV)